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2 Weeks to go

The wallet has been taking a bit of hammering these last few days 😦  After reading about how cold it can get in the Rockies at this time of year, it soon became apparent that my 3 season -4c down sleeping bag might not be warm enough and I also needed other warm clothing if we hit snow.  So recent purchases include.

  1. PHD sleeping bag down liner.  Increases existing bag by 10C whilst only adding 240g! Read Here
  2. SPOT Tracker.  These are awesome and provide 2 way GPS communication.  Amazing piece of kit that uploads your position every 2 mins and also has the added ability of being able to send an SOS via satellite! Read Here
  3. Down or synthetic jacket?  That was a tricky decision and in the end I decided synthetic.  Down is warmer and lighter, but if it gets damp you lose all thermal insulation.
  4. Tri bars.  Sounds really weird having tri bars on a mountain bike, but tri bars give you an added hand position.  From all of the blogs I have read, and I have read lots!, tri bars are amazing for those long fire road sections where you have your head down and are just churning out the miles.

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