I was up by 715am, but Neil was long gone. He said he likes to be on the road by 0600hrs!

I had a nice few km of downhill miles to Villefort. Which was appreciated as the legs were tired from yesterday.

A couple of pictures back up to Altria.

The road took an upward direction after Villefort until the Col summit. There were Tour De France road closure signs for a great deal of what I rode from now on. The stage date is 21st July. So I might watch to see how easy they make it look.

Now the descent from this one was the most fun so far. Sweeping turns and seeing whether I could out do the cars.

Upon reaching Pont d’Arc it started raining and stayed that way until early evening. It wasn’t cold though so I didn’t bother to get the jacket out. The riding was upwards from now on, but with impressive views through the gorge.

I arrived in Aigueze, picked up supplies and then cycled on looking for a campsite. The slight issue is that there were none so I ended up riding the next stage of nearly 30 miles where the book said one could be found. Those 30 miles were uninspiring so there are no pictures.