A much more overcast and grey day day greeted us this morning and this was basically the scene for the remainder of the trip.

The pair of us must have looked like a couple of vagrants as we sat eating breakfast outside Tescos

The road was up and down today and at about 2pm the weather closed right in and it rained constantly for the remainder of the day.  I actually enjoy cycling in the rain and as long as you have good wet weather gear, I’d rather keep turning the pedals than be sat inside a tent bored rigid.

Wendy at Drumbeg stores was a lovely lady and we stood chatting for a while listening to her tails of the car chaos that ensues on the narrow NC500 roads during the busy summer months.

She stocked a good selection of beer and whisky which would be enjoyed later.

Camp for the night was below the Drumbeg viewpoint and right by the sea.  Cracking little spot and there were very clean toilets at the viewpoint where you can fill your water bottles.

Andy once again couldn’t resist the urge to go for a swim!

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