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Sunday 5th March 2017 – Pelorus Bridge -> Wakefield (46 miles)

The first part of today’s ride was over the Maungatapu Saddle and involved a > 2000 ft climb!  Andy was advised by a couple who came over the pass that it took them all day and that they would not advise doing it on a touring bike.  He took the road and I headed off.  All I can say is that he made the right decision.  The climb was rocky, steep and involved a fair amount of hike-a-bike.  The downhill from the top was steep and at times dangerous.  I have never before sat on my cross bar when going down a trail!

Loose rocks were the flavour of the day.

Great views from the top mind.

I actually made good progress and was in Nelson by 1400hrs.  I grabbed a quick coffee as Andy was not around.  When he did finally arrive in the town we headed to the local Countdown supermarket to pick up some supplies and sat outside making wraps for lunch.  He asked me about the morning’s ride and I reassured him that he certainly made the right decision to take the alternative road route.

The decision was then made that we would push onto Wakefield where there was a freedom camp spot.  The freedom camp spot was busy, so we pitched our tents next to the path that ran alongside the river.  The river was handy for being able to have a wash too!

Dinner was the usual, but this time was accompanied with an ice cold bottle of beer purchased from the town.

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