On reflection I think I woke up on the wrong side of the tent today as I was in a shit mood.  The howling wind when and sand blowing into my tent didn’t help matters.  Andy was busy cooking his porridge, but I decided I wanted a bit of shelter so headed off into Durness.   The local bus stop provided some shelter from the wind so I cooked up breakfast in there.

Andy was at the coffee shop charging his phone so I headed off.  On the way out of Durness I stopped at Smoo Caves.

IMGP0117It was whilst I was at Smoo caves that Andy must have cycled past as we didn’t see each other again until Inverness.

The great tailwind I had yesterday soon turned into an awful head wind.  I felt like I was going backwards and it was on with the waterproofs.  Just before the road took a welcome 180 degree turn I bumped into a cyclist coming the other way.  He too was relieved as he had been battling the same headwind, but coming in a different direction.

IMGP0120 This is Roy and he is cycling around the UK for Sport Relief.  He has a blog too which can be found here.   I asked Roy if he had seen a chap with a beard and he told me yes, but he was some distance ahead of me.

Now, my ride detoured off the NC500 as I was told by Brian who was storing my bike box that the road via Loch Hope would be a good alternative.  I didn’t want to come down the A9 on the east coast and as I had seen the scenic west coast, coming inland through the heart of the Highlands would be a great contrast.   All I can say is I am glad I did.  Remote, remote, remote!  and with no camper vans.  I cycled for probably 20 miles and saw a single car.

My intention was not to do so many miles, but I couldn’t really find anywhere decent to camp so I thought I’d keep pushing on.  I have to remember that just because a place has a name on a map does not mean said place has shops!

In the end I found a nice camp spot by Kildonan.  This was good as it meant I would not have far to travel in the morning to get supplies.   I really enjoyed the remoteness of today and some sections reminded me of cycling across the Great Basin on the Great Divide route.

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