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Saturday March 11th 2017 – Fox Township -> Haast (82 miles)

The view from the kitchen at the campsite said it all.

It was a wet day.  Thankfully, the rain cleared early on and before I arrived at the photo control point of Fox Glacier.  Having never seen a glacier before I was rather looking forward to that.

You had to walk from the RV car park to the view point.  What I found really perverse is that climate change is being blamed for the retreating glacier and yet helicopter after helicopter buzzed around overhead taking people to the glacier!

The glacier was impressive and the photos do not convey the true scale of it.  Conscious of the it being nearly 1100 hrs and that I had a fair few miles to get in today, I was happy to get pedaling.  Same again today though.  Highway, motorhome, highway, motorhome …

Before reaching Haast I had another photo control point at Knights Point Lookout.  This was right on the coast and for me was the worst place yet for sand flies!  They would have carried you away if you had stopped too long.

Campsite at Haast was once again an RV park with a small patch of grass for the tents.  It did, however, have a communal TV so it was an evening watching NZ rugby union.

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