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Day 5 – Thursday 23rd Feb 2017 Auckland -> Miranda Springs (51 miles)

It soon became apparent in the morning by the cheering and laughing close to the tent that the so called stealth camping spot was not so stealth after all.  Unzipping the tent revealed a group of women close by having a private PT session!   They were not bothered about us and gave us a cheery good morning as tents were packed up and we cycled off in search of somewhere to get breakfast.

It was a ride through heavy commuter traffic before a suitable venue for breakfast was found.  Whilst the price of a coffee in NZ makes the eyes water, the fact that the woman serving kept giving us free refills made it much less painful.

After leaving Auckland the route followed a beautiful route along the east coast of the island.  Lunch today was at the beautiful coastal town of Kawakawa and was Bundi Coconut & Pineapple drink (yuck) and a different flavoured pie.

I got chatting to a Chinese family who were on vacation and enjoying the fresh clean air compared with what they have to endure back home.

A few photos from the day’s riding.

It was a short day today into Miranda Springs campsite, but it was quite welcome given the previous days daily mileage and arriving at camp early provided adequate time to do some well deserved clothes washing.

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