Now, the official route guide gave today a distance of 86 miles, but before departing I tweaked the route so as to take in some of the greenways. I should have maybe checked the extra distance it added as I made a fatal mistake.

0618 hrs “I might get up and get and early start. No, put your ear plugs in and have another 10 mins. Ok”

The next minute it’s 0818 and I on for a late depart. In fact it was an embarrassing 1000hrs when I finally rode out. Any later and I reckon I’d have been charged for another night.

The first few miles were on some very straight sections.

But it wasn’t long before I was back on the greenways cycling alongside the Loire.

A bit later on I stopped to observe the hive of activity at one of the canal gates.

I waited in anticipation for the hidden vessel to emerge!

There was loads going on along the Loire, people water skiing, kayaking and swimming. I was tempted, but my late start meant I was playing catch-up if I was to reach camp before 8pm.

I also discovered that fly tipping scum exist in France too. Scourge of society!

The camp office was shut when I arrived, but thankfully the restaurant bar was open and I could get food and beer. I felt out of place as the place was full of families with kids and there was me on my own. On reflection, I prefer the municipal camp sites as they seem to attract single travellers and couples without young kids.

So although it was a longer day than I’d wanted, it’s amazing how a shower, food and a pint can make the difference at the end of a long day in the saddle.

Day 4