A fresh coffee before setting off is top of my list, so with no coffee or milk to hand it was a sluggish first few miles to Pontorson. But the miles were easy miles as I routed it on the Velo Verte and much prefer those types of trails to tarmac. I don’t think the office route does.

So after a ‘Bonjour Monsieur, une Cafe au Lait Sil-vous-plait’ (that’s my limit when it comes to French) I decided that having come here I really should back track to see the sight of Mont St-Michel. It was well worth the detour just to see it from a distance.

I did contemplate walking across, but the hordes of tourists and me not enjoying crowds decided the view from afar would suffice.

Aside from the scenery and the heat it was head down to Vitre’

The campsite was very pleasant, but I was rather intrigued why the queue of people queueing to pay their dues was taking so long. It was if we were all waiting to have our asylum applications processed. In fact it was doubly frustrating as by the time I’d been processed, the supermarket had shut.

Top tip.

I took the cubicle with the door open. And guess what?

Having done the deed, I turned to reach and to my horror I discovered the bog roll dispenser was empty.

So after all that palaver I headed into town and could only find a burger joint. Suffice to say, this time it was ordered well done.

Day 3