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Tuesday March 14th 2017 – Queenstown -> Mossburn (67 miles)

Some great views just before the sun came over the mountains this morning.

Final real climb of any substance today as I pass over ‘Von Hill’.  Before I can start pedaling I need to catch the historic steamboat TSS Earnslaw across Lake Wakatipu.  The ferry was leaving at 1000 hrs and so I had time to have a catch up with home.

Not my picture, but here is the vessel.

The journey itself was just under 45 minutes to the start point of Walter Peak.

A few picture of the views from onboard.

A picture from Walter Peak back to the ship.

The days riding could now commence.  I must say that for me, this stage was the jewel in the crown of the South Island.  It was rugged, remote, beautiful and didn’t involve highway or motor home encounters.

You cannot deny that the scenery wasn’t beautiful.  The headwind did, however, come in with a vengeance today and by mid afternoon I was cursing.

I reached Mossburn only to be told by the local shop owner that there wasn’t a campsite in Mossburn, but there was a hotel.  I proceeded to the hotel went in to have some feed and a well earned beer.  Having finished my meal I then asked the bar maid if I could pitch my tent in the garden, only to be told “No, but I can show you a spot by the community center” and with that I was in her car being driven to said site for a viewing.  It was when we arrived back at the hotel that I posed the question “Out of curiosity, how much is a room?” expecting to be horrified by the response it was a surprise when I heard “$35 for a cabin, with complimentary breakfast”.  SOLD, I shouted!  Why didn’t I ask that question earlier and save us both time.

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