I needed cereal if nothing else before leaving camp (given up with a coffee) and so headed into town for milk and pain-au-chocolat. I bought 3 as I reckon I could trade one for hot water with Karen and Lynton. Thankfully, they were just starting their breakfast and we’re happy to do the transaction. So it was fresh coffee for me!

Rolled out of camp at 930. The glutes were feeling really sore on the saddle so I adopted the well known trick of double bibbing. It sounds wrong I know, but it is quite simply just wearing two pairs of bib shorts. It certainly helped and whilst the first 30 miles were hard going the second part was fine.

This was day two of being in the Dordogne and I can slowly notice the change to a more Mediterranean fauna and flora.

I arrived at the destination for the day, grabbed another continental style selection for supper (not yet tried the Fois Grais) and headed up the road to the 3 star campsite. 26 euros she said! I promptly declined and asked if there was a municipal campsite nearby. In the end I decided to just push on. After around 9 miles I met some French hikers and with Google translate to hand they pointed me to a little secluded jem. All for the meager price of 8 euros. Result!

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