Although 530am seemed like an early start the clear blue sky and warm weather would make for a great ride to Poole to catch the ferry and for the crossing to St Malo.

Poole Harbour is a very picturesque place when the sun is shining.

The sign on the railings was very apt, and I find it staggering that people need telling. But then litter and fly tipping in the UK are far too common and it still amazes me that people will happily chuck shit out the window without a moment’s hesitation.

I finally arrived in St Malo around 430pm and decided that I wanted to get at least 20 miles in before I found camp. This was to eat in to tomorrow’s ride which would otherwise be 83 miles and to have a couple of easier days before the long days on days 2 and 3.

I arrived at Le Vivier-sur-mer at 1900 found the local campsite before heading out to find food. Well, the restaurant I found was busy and I was starving, but the slight hiccup was that I don’t speak French and the staff didn’t speak English (I’m not complaining as I felt ignorant) Google translate enabled me to order a beef patty with fries. Trouble is, a french beef patty is mince beef patted into the shape of a burger and a medium one resembled a raw pack of mince in the middle.

Cut a long story short I went back to camp and used my emergency ration pack on day 1.

Still. I think they taste good!

Day 2