Today should have been a 93 mile stage so I decided to cash in the miles that I’d accrued over the last week and have an easier day.

The first section of the riding to Villes-sur-auzon was easy going miles.

After a while Mt Ventoux came into view.

You can’t really see the mast here, but it was like a magnet. I kept hearing “come on Justin, you think you are tough enough”

When I reached Villes-sur-auzon I decided I was going for it, so I headed toward the town which offers the hardest climb as it was closer and would mean I’d descend into Sault.

But on the way, a little voice said to me “Justin, do you really want to lug this loaded touring bike up a 26km climb” so with my tail between my legs I turned around and picked up the actual route to Sault.

This was a long manageable climb with great views.

I reached Sault at 5pm and went for a couple of pints of Panache. I was still contemplating the climb for tomorrow.

On my way out of town to camp I came across a large supermarket. ‘Bugger’ I thought, the book never mentioned a supermarket here and I’d lugged dinner and breakfast supplies all day for no reason.

A nice campsite with plenty of space.

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