This was ride that Andy and I had discussed last year with a view to doing it in September 2017, but due to the rubbish weather it never happened.   It was decided during the dreary month of Jan that we should get a date in the diary for early 2018 and go and ride it regardless of what weather gets thrown at us.


With the late snow that the country faced only a few weeks before the departure date I was wondering what weather would be encountered and whether we should be taking our skis instead of our bikes!

I arrived in Inverness at about 1600hrs and then proceeded to catch the bus to the city from the airport.   Carrying the cardboard bike box was a real challenge, especially considering that the baggage handlers had somehow managed to destroy every carry handle and tear off part of the top.

I arrived at the bus station and was met by Brian a STW forum member who had very kindly agreed to store my now trashed box whilst I did the trip.  Thankfully none of my stuff had been lost and it took about an hour to turn this.


into this.


Whilst the diverge has pannier rack mounts on the forks and rear it did feel rather noodley when fully loaded 😦

Day 1 – Inverness to Loch Kishorn